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    About us is a community for bloggers and small business owners. We offer useful tips, snippets, tutorials, inspirational artworks and helpful resources that we hope will help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

    Those new to blogging often find it difficult to get their blog off the ground and start making money. So here on this community blog we offer tips and advice for small businesses and bloggers. We talk about project management to help you become more efficient at managing tasks, time and resources. And we are always interested in the latest tech tips for bloggers and small businesses like how to do effective seo and digital marketing so people can find your site. Or how to choose the right voice over agency to add foreign languages to your business and YouTube videos to expand your reach worldwide.

    We discuss training and coaching for business owners, change management training, how to promote yourself and your blog and how to raise finance that can help at difficult moments while building your business blog.

    But a successful small business also has to consider cost-effective options for office space such as in a small business hub or self-storage instead of a warehouse.

    Why not join our community by sharing a comment and getting the conversation started.

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