How to structure and format your blogs for maximum engagement

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Blogging may have started as a way in which people could share their ideas online. However, over the course of the last decade it has been proved to work as a very effective content marketing tool. A blog can assist in establishing trust between a brand and its consumers almost immediately as well as having a positive influence on sales. Whilst that is fantastic news for businesses, all blogs whether they are personal, or business face the same dilemma and […]


How to Get People to Engage With Your Blog Posts

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The ideal scenario for every blog owner is to engage your readers and turn them into advocates for your content. So let’s take a look at just how to engage those readers… And by engagement, I don’t just mean when people subscribe to your blog or follow you on social media. Let’s be honest that doing that requires very little effort beyond clicking a button. Subscribing and following doesn’t require readers to open up about […]


Step-by-step guide to publishing a Kindle eBook

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If you have always wanted to write a book to go with your blog, you can do this. However, you might be short of time and wonder just how you might be able to achieve this. Kindle eBooks offer the perfect opportunity. The setup for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is easy to follow. You can upload, enter, and even modify your book before you publish it. Here, we’ve created a step-by-step guide that will take […]


What are pillar pages and why do you need to know about them?

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A pillar page is a website landing page. It should focus on a key topic, a resource, a product or even a service area. The purpose of pillar pages are to help both users and search engines to quickly gain access to lots of content that is topically relevant.  Depending on the purpose of your pillar page its depth will vary. Some will make use of a more shallow introduction in order to gain faster access […]


Christmas Ready with Awesome Android Apps for FREE

As the holiday season quickly approaches, thoughts turn to hot chocolate, stories of Santa Claus, and hurried gift purchasing. Christmas songs start dominating radio stations, and children everywhere finish off the final preparations for their holiday programs. While the most tech-savvy of individuals might catch himself wondering about the latest high-tech gadgets others will simply be thinking about how to make their smart phones holiday-inspired with maybe a new screen saver. The world of Android […]


The Pros and Cons of Running Advertising on Your Blog

Do you run ads on your blog? Many bloggers do. In fact, people often start monetizing their blogs this way using an ad network such as Google AdSense. And many large websites are also supported by ads. So should you be running ads on your blog? There’s no easy way to answer that question. So in this post I’ll be taking you through some of the key advantages and disadvantages of running advertising on your blog. Four Reasons […]


The Blogger’s Guide to Launching an eBook

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Blogging can be compared to a lot of different things, such as writers, authors, newspapers, and even media outlets. However, have you ever considered blogging quite similar to that of a dishwashing machine? If not, you aren’t alone. Just like a dishwashing machine, there are many different components to having a sucessful website, blog, and content on your site. All of which are also influenced by how well your writing is, and the type of […]


5 Product Image Tips For High Converting Landing Pages

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but have you ever stopped to think what your e-commerce images are saying about the products you’re trying to sell online? Are your photos helping your products to jump off the screen and convince shoppers to buy them? Or, are your product images quite simply terrible to look at and a real turn-off for buyers? With the average shopper spending less than 10 seconds on […]


The Ultimate Guide To Creating Evergreen Content For Your Blog

Small Business Ideas

Back in 2007 I was asked a question: “If you could only write one type of content on your blogs forever, what would it be?” My answer then is the same as my answer now: evergreen content. What is Evergreen Content, and Why is it Important? Evergreen content is content that stays fresh for your readers. It doesn’t become dated, and is just as relevant years after you wrote it. Now while a lot of […]


How to choose a good WordPress theme – Your ultimate guide

Are you wondering – How to choose my WordPress theme? I think one of the most difficult decision for me when starting a website was how to choose a good WordPress theme for my website. I read multiple best free WordPress theme articles. And even after reading them to be honest – I have made enough mistakes in choosing a good WordPress theme for my websites. Why ? Because when we start we are not […]


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