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What 2 Travel Blogging Factors Help You Go Pro?

Do you want to jump into the travel blogging game but feel worried about the competition? Consider two travel blogging factors that help you go pro. Bloggers tend to overlook these two factors because most worry about the competition. Kick this fear out of your mind right now. Blog from a creative, not competitive, energy.

Making this simple shift does wonders for your travel blogging campaign because you see these two factors easily separate you from all people in the niche. What about the fear of competition? This anxiety vanishes, the instant you own your experiences and voice are both completely unique in the world of bloggers. But you want to start with seeing your dreams in vivid detail. Picture yourself circling the globe as a professional travel blogger. How would that feel? Of course, it would feel amazing. Feel the peace, calm and confidence exude from your being.

This is the perfect starting point to understand that these two factors play a chief role in helping you go pro by distancing you from every other travel blogger out there. If you visualize your travel dreams and blogging dreams you will succeed, but then again, few go pro. Few visualize.

Your vision prepares you for your professional experience. Never forget this basic law of life if you want to get ahead of the travel blogging herd. Going pro feels uncomfortable because you face your fears regularly. But having fun with the travel blogging process nudges you in and through these deep fears, allowing you to grow quickly as you hone your travel blogging skills.

Remember that travel blogging is a skill. Practicing the skill diligently allows you to become highly skilled in this area. Highly-skilled travel bloggers become professionals and reach the top of their niche. But going pro involves thousands of hours of generous effort. Put in the time and service. Travel blogging will reflect your commitment back to you through your results. Let’s take a look at these two travel blogging factors that help you become a professional travel blogger.

1: Your Personal Experience

I have circled the globe for the past nine years. Like every world traveler, my travel experience distances me from anybody else who has circled the globe. Why? We all have different experiences, let alone different travel experiences. Sure we might have similar experiences but no two people and no two experiences are identical. Knowing this, you can relax in realizing that your experience, completely authentic, and genuine, allows you to stand out from the crowd so you become a professional.

Hit the road. Begin traveling the world. Experience planet earth. You will figure out that simply traveling and recounting your experiences gives you all you need content-wise to become a successful travel blogger. Of course you need to learn how to be a professional travel blogger from people who’ve been there. For that, buy my eBook. But beyond that, the simple experiences you accumulate while traveling give you a one-of-a-kind perspective on these locations. Even if thousands of travel bloggers visit the same tourist spots, these folks each have a different experience. Maybe similar, but definitely different. Nobody has an identical experience as you drill down and recount these episodes.

2: Your Voice

Far and away, your writing voice allows you to become a professional travel blogger. Write 500 to 1000 words daily to gain confidence and clarity in your travel blogging AKA writing voice. Your voice makes you stand out. Standing out in the travel blogging niche positions you to go professional down the road. But you need to practice writing diligently on a daily basis to become clear and confident enough in order to go pro. Few travel bloggers write unless they publish a post. This is a bad idea because most travel bloggers don’t publish posts frequently. Write in a Word document every single day. Trash the document to become detached from your work. Bar none, engaging in a daily writing practice offline allows your writing voice to surface. And surface in a wonderful way, it does.

The best travel bloggers mold their one-of-a-kind writing voice by practicing offline and by publishing online. Find the right mix between the two to find your writing voice. I suggest publishing at least one travel blogging post weekly to keep content flowing; find your flow, though. Every blogger is different.

But realize that it’s not so much finding your writing voice but allowing your writing voice to reveal itself. Think more along the lines of unearthing your writing voice through persistent practice. Get after it. Write your tail off to become a professional travel blogger. Hammer out your delivery. Work out the writing kinks. Practice your writing daily to achieve these ends.


Bloggers weighed down by the heavy energy of fear make the mistake of fearing competition in an abundant universe. Few bloggers own these two factors to go pro because most never travel enough or write enough to see how special their experiences and writing skills become. Others fear the competition so much that they ignore the genuine nature of their experience and the one-of-a-kind element of their writing voice.

Face, feel and release fears related to your travel blogging campaign. Release the fear of competition now. Then gets super busy circling the globe, mining your genuine experiences for helpful content and writing in your authentic voice to stand out from the crowd.


We live in exciting times. Anybody can buy their domain and hosting to begin travel blogging right now. The challenge is to own the fact that your experiences and voice help you to stand out from the crowd. Nobody can bring your experiences or your writing voice to the table, save you. Embrace this fact. Own these two truths to step above the competitive travel blogging playing into an abundant space of co-creation as you position yourself to become a professional travel blogger.

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