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Firefox (and others) DomainTools.com Customize Add-on using JavaScript

Why DomainTools.com?

Being a professional web developer, obviously you know the power of DomainTools.com. But in order to use many helpful web-tools from this site, we have to go the site for each time we want to check something. Honestly, to me, this action consume a lot of time.

Opera DomainTools.com Add-on?

If you’re using Opera browser like me, I suggest this Opera DomainTools.com Add-on – Domaintools.com whois extension – just 1-click add-on to check domain’s everything. I’m using this tool because I’m a fan of Opera browser; try it if you’re also an Opera web developer like me.

And because I’m a web developer, web coder; I also use many other browsers for web development purposes. The second browser I’m using is Firefox, and I checked Firefox add-on resource page, there’s no any tool by DomainTools.

Now I want to share a small trick to use DomainTools on Firefox with 1-click action; I make some JavaScript codes to integrate DomainTools.com as a Firefox bookmark. Everytime you want to check the page you’re surferring – click this Firefox DomainTools bookmark, that’s all.

Installation for Firefox (and others) DomainTools.com Customize Add-on using JavaScript

Just drag & drop the link below into your Firefox bookmark toolbar then name it as you want.

DomainTools.com (drag&drop this link into bookmark toolbar)

or use the JavaScript code below


you can use this trick on other browsers, it should work perfectly!

Let me know anything if you need. Have a great day!

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