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5 Major Traits of a Good Employee in any Business Setup

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For any business to succeed, it is crucial that its employees are hardworking and self-motivated individuals. According to the statistics of the U.S. department of labor, the average tenure of an employee in the United States is just 1.5 years. This figure indicates two things,

  1. Business owners are not paying their current employees well enough and they are looking for new jobs.
  2. Business owners are not satisfied with their current employees and are firing them quickly in the hope of finding better ones.

In this age of recession, you are very lucky if you get a job related to your academics. There is a dearth of good jobs in the market and competition is so tough that it’s really hard to secure them. Even if you are the best one and successfully secured it, it’s really hard to deliver up to the expectations of your employer. This is why most of the people get fired because they fail to deliver what was expected from them.

Regardless of industry, pay, age or sex, all the recruiters look for employees that share some common traits. It doesn’t matter from which part of the world you belong or where ever is that business located e.g. In Dubai business setup , there are some common qualities that help you get a job and sustain it for a long period.

Well, it’s a long list, but I am sharing five of the most desired qualities that make you a Good Employee courtesy of Riz & Mona.

Team Player

Business owners want high productivity for which it’s mandatory that his employees perform best as a team when doing tasks such as SEO checkups. Even if you are good as an individual, you won’t be much appreciated. You must become a valuable team member rather than a self-orientated individual. You have to get out of the box and try to get involved in the team. Working in a team requires patience, social skills and tolerance. Don’t be hostile and unprofessional. It corrodes your working ability. Working as a team player is two ways advantageous; firstly, of course, it’s good for higher outputs and gets a job done in minimum time frame. Secondly, it brightens your individual skills as well. You are more exposed and more vulnerable to make and learn from mistakes when you are a crew member. Get absorbed in your team as much as you can. Apart from that, you must also have the quality of building up a team.

Self-Motivated and Committed

A lot of owners today complain that the lack of commitment and motivation in employees. It is a major cause of employer’s disappointment. They don’t want you to just work on as a robot and have no ambition towards your job. No one wants you to become a corporate slave and do work because you have to do it. From my point of view, it is an employee’s duty to make his company realize that his job is important. This lack of motivation is a hindrance to high productivity. Ambitious and committed employee will go an extra mile whether to achieve company goals or make their way up the corporate hierarchy. Motivated individuals come up with new and creative ideas which make their managers realize their worth, importance and ability. It also the duty of managers to make their employer realize that they are on a mission and have something in life to achieve.


Learn to say “Yes”. No matter how hard the things are, how difficult is the task assigned to you, try to be brave enough to accept any challenge that comes up to you. From the  employers end, more reliable is more trustworthy, is more sustainable. In business, there are good days and bad days. An employer is looking for employees who stay strong and tough in times of crisis. Guys who don’t crack under pressure. This is the key factor that builds the level of trust and employees get valued, promoted, respected and they stay in the company for a long time.

Positive Attitude

A person with a positive attitude is not only well-regarded in a company but is also admired by the general society. We all like people who have a positive mental approach. A pessimist and motivation killer is not liked anywhere, whether it’s a company or a family, we all want to get rid of such people. Positive attitude must be opted not only to succeed professionally but also in our daily lives.


A hesitant and timid person is highly discouraged by an employer even if he is good in his work. Confidence relates your energy level. If you are highly confident it depicts that you have absolutely positive energy following in yourself. A confident person is more marketable and managers prefer them to face the clients. A lazy and unconfident person never get noticed by managers. Try to step out of the line and be the leader. This will accelerate your way up the organizational ladder and be appreciated by the employer.

As I mentioned earlier, the qualities required of a good employee is a long list. There are a lot of other factors like honesty, loyalty and discipline. But resilience,motivation and commitment to your job is most important. I recommend you watch a movie named “The Intern” in which Robert De Niro exhibits the love and passion that one could have towards his job.

Watch a few clips here:

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