How to Get People to Engage With Your Blog Posts

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The ideal scenario for every blog owner is to engage your readers and turn them into advocates for your content. So let’s take a look at just how to engage those readers… And by engagement, I don’t just mean when people subscribe to your blog or follow you on social media. Let’s be honest that doing that requires very little effort beyond clicking a button. Subscribing and following doesn’t require readers to open up about […]


How to Get More Subscribers, Followers and Connections

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been talking about warming up your readers and turning them into raving fans. So far I’ve talked about getting the word out about your new blog, and getting those first-time visitors interested in your blog and what you have to say. This week I want to talk about how to connect with them. That is, getting them to subscribe to your blog, connect with you, follow you, and give […]


How to Get First-Time Visitors Interested in Your Blog

Last week we talked about to getting the word out about your blog so people will visit. This week I want to talk about the next stage of warming them up and turning them into raving fans: getting them interested when they do visit. You only to have to look at your bounce rates in Google Analytics to see how often people visit your blog and then leave. And that’s a shame, because chances are […]


How to Get the Word out about Your New Blog

Last week I talked about the four stages of warming up your readers and turning them into raving fans. Well, today I’ll show you how to smash through that first stage: getting the word out about your blog. As a teenager, you may have once pined over a boy or girl and thought, They don’t even know I exist. Well, it can feel just as bad when you create a new blog and no-one seems to […]


How to Warm Up Your Readers and Make Them Raving Fans

This post is based on episode 112 of the ProBlogger podcast. Today I’m kicking off a series of blog posts designed to help you move your readers from feeling cold towards you, your brand and your blog, to being fully engaged and becoming raving fans. I’m going to talk about the benefits of getting your readers warmed up, and then walk you through a series of steps to actually do it. Over the next few weeks […]