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Do You Blog for Targeted Or Disinterested Readers?

I scanned my email spam folder a few moments ago.

Some marketers filled it, as they have filled it for years. Imagine thousands of emails landing in spam folders, never to be seen. Ineffective marketing. Inefficient marketing. Of course, in most cases, these marketers SCREAM their message from the mountain tops. But guess what? SCREAMING your message to people not interested in your message wastes your time and energy. Nobody cares. Whether you scream, or push, or strain or strive to convince, these folks care not about what you offer. Wasted time.

But if you actually target your readers, these folks love what you have to offer. People buy your stuff. Folks love what you have to offer. This is the turning point for most bloggers. Shifting from talking to anybody who moves to hyper targeting your campaign makes the difference between success and failure, wasted motion and effective action. More than that, you actually enjoy the journey because you see quicker results. Not quick results. But quicker results. Imagine experiencing some success in weeks versus months and years. I reckon seeing someone buy your eBook 3 weeks after targeting, you will see that speaking to interested readers beats yelling at not too interested readers. Big difference.

However, targeting your readership requires a little more thought, feeling and planning than mass spamming people like a cro-magnon, foolishly wasting your time and wasting reader’s time, too. Think about your niche. Who do you want to blog for? For example, I am a blogging tips blogger. I help bloggers become successful bloggers. Naturally, I give 95% or more of my day to writing blogging tips themed posts for my blog, and for guest posting, and for videos and podcasts. I also comment genuinely on blogs from my blogging tips niche. THAT is targeted. Give virtually all of your creative attention and energy to serving people and connecting with folks 100% interested in the niche you have to cover.

Going deeper, if you genuinely want to condition yourself to stay on topic, to target, make sure all pieces of content have the word “blogging” in the title, if you are a blogging tips blogger. Guaranteed, people who click the title are keenly interested in blogging. Keenly interested folks who gobble up blogging content are in your wheelhouse! Woohoo! Targeting 101. Drop keywords like breadcrumbs, casually allowing folks interested in your niche to find you, and if you build it (targeted content) and network generously (through niche specific blogs) they will arrive (targeted readers).

Being a smarter and richer blogger goads you to be hyper vigilant about targeting your readership. No one succeeds without targeting. Too much wasted motion. Why did I publish over 1000 guest posts on Blogging Tips? This is one of the top blogging tips blogs on the face of the earth. I would be a complete fool to do otherwise because this blog is about a perfect match for my niche.

It actually IS the perfect match for my niche. People who follow this fine blog want blogging tips. So do my readers. Match made in targeting heaven.

Fear arises though, the split second you ponder targeting versus blogging for any old meat suit walking down the blogging block. Blessed release! But scary, too. Releasing failing but comfortable non-targeting strategies feels unpleasant. Most bloggers would rather do the unintelligent, failing thing because it feels comfortable, familiar and safe. Gotta go, folks. Stop failing in comfort. Begin succeeding well outside of your comfort zone. Successful bloggers think, target then generously serve. Be that blogger. Succeed. Brilliantly.

Imagine targeting like reaching 1 highly interested reader who refers your blog to other highly interested readers. Passive traffic there for ya; take advantage of it.

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