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Pro Blogging Tip: Stop Being Lazy

A few moments ago I felt a little fear in the worthiness department. One neat little episode showed I still feel a tiny bit unclear or unworthy in some regard. This is OK; virtually every human being feels unclear, not worthy and not deserving at least a LITTLE bit because we get programmed with these fears as kids, from most people around us. Either I could get angry, upset, annoyed or embarrassed about the emotions or I could just sit humbly with the energies, feel the fear, and move along the fear energies.

I chose the second path today.

But if you do not choose the path of observation, instead choosing to fight the emotions and project onto other people, things and circumstances, doing so destroys your blogging career. Example; imagine if you feel ashamed or deeply embarrassed about your alleged lack of blogging success. No money, little traffic and no business prospects on the horizon, you feel angry, upset, hopeless, enraged, and most of all, ashamed at your lack of blogging success. Exploring these fears and FEELING the emotions feels bad, but feeling the fears moves the fears along, so you can feel good and begin doing the things leading to increasing blogging traffic and profits. This process is not robotic, mechanical or even logical. This process is emotional.

If you do not feel the fears, you resist the fears, cling to the fears and experience blogging failure until you face your fears. No way exists other than stepping directly into your blogging fears. Example; imagine if you attract 2 visitors daily to your blog over the past 6 months. Profits? Zero. But you resist feeling the shame, disgust and hopelessness buried deeply within, these fears that co-created the 2 visitors daily and zero profits over a 6 month time frame. What happens? You give up and quit, or perhaps, you keep putting in the absolute minimal effort to get 2 visitors daily and zero profits, because the *fears in you determine your level of blogging success.* The split second you genuinely begin feeling the fears, the fears move from within you, to outside of you. What’s left, inside of you? More love, abundance and generosity. Feeling these emotions, you publish posts more frequently, begin guest posting and promote yourself freely. What happens? Traffic and profits slowly and steadily increase because you changed your predominant vibe-emotion.


You explored, aka, felt, your fears.

As I discuss in my energy eBook, the moment you begin feeling your fears, you quickly see why your life hasn’t worked out in the way you wanted it to work out. Everybody wants blogging success on some level but only a few folks experience success to the full time level. Why? Few bloggers – let alone few humans – explore their fears, so never see and feel the emotions they need to feel, in order to clear the vibes, to vibe more from love, abundance and generosity, and to experience blogging success.

Hey; feeling emotions like shame, unworthiness and non-deserving feels terrible, sometimes. Who loves feeling ashamed? Who loves feeling embarrassed? Who loves feeling humiliated? Nobody. But you need to feel these fears and explore the energies to move along the emotions, in order to experience greater blogging success.

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