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Some Unexpected Ways In Which Literature Reviews Can Boost Your Blogging Career

Mark Zeni

Lots of students that dream of a successful blogging career don’t even know that their homework (commonly considered as pain in the neck) can go a long way towards realizing this dream. In today’s article, we’re going to take a closer look at such a popular type of academic assignment as literature review and prove that it can help you develop the skills indispensable for a blogger.

What do we call a literature review? A literature review aims to provide a critical assessment of various sources a person has found and read corresponding to the core subject area. It is not a brief summary of important literature sources. A literature review requires you to critically engage with the text to convey your own opinion, as well as any critiques that you may find. As you write your literature review, you employ your knowledge and develop a variety of useful skills. You learn to critically evaluate the information, summarize it, and divide text into logical parts. You familiarize yourself with different opinions on a certain problem, check out evidence, sift through a wide array of ideas to establish your own position on this or that topic. In other words, working on your literature review is a great opportunity to not only boost your writing skills but also become a more effective communicator capable of reaching out to a wide audience. Exactly what you need to start a rewarding blogging career!

Now that you know that writing your literature review is more of a help than hindrance to your blogging, you may want to attend to your assignment right away. Even if you never so much as wrote literature review yourself, we’re sure you’ll be able to cope with this task. And what can help you do this even more quickly are our simple recommendations you can find below. Should you have any queries or require more information on how to create an effective paper, you can always rely on college paper help by PapersOwl.

How to write your literature review?

Now let’s get started to put your fingers to keyboard. We advise you to consider the following pointers to accomplish the task successfully:

Review sample literature reviews

You can find a lot of examples of professionally written dissertation literature reviews in your subject area. Study them thoroughly. It will help you to get familiarised with the key debates and themes. Use such examples as a starting point for structuring your own literature review. When students are not familiar at all with academic writing, such samples help get a sense of what is expected in this assignment. You will learn about the academic language and formal styles. Pay attention to the bibliography/reference section.

Keep your writing simple

You should keep the topic as narrow as possible. You will have to confront hundreds or even thousands of various sources concerning your topic. You have to do your research in many ways. However, no one expects you to address every argument in your literature review. You just have to make your work easier by limiting the scope of your work. In your literature review, you must be always focused on it.

Use accurate sources

When you review scientific work, it’s essential to refer only to the current. You should look for any advancements in the field you write about. Do not forget that literature, like any other field, is constantly evolving. It may happen that the source which is only two years old can already be outdated. In the literature, this rule may not be that obvious, because theoretical works are mainly classics, but students are expected to be familiar with new tendencies and perspectives. You can try to demonstrate the ways in which perspectives in the literature evolve and change over the years.

Organize your work smartly

When you write a dissertation literature review for the first time in your life, you have to organize your writing process correctly. Make sure that you have an introduction, body, and conclusion. You are going to work with a certain number of texts, so you have to think clearly about how to organize the main topic and the argument before you even start writing your draft.

A guide on how to organize your literature review:

Start with the basic structure. A literature review is like any other academic paper, will consist of a basic introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction of your literature review must be short, clear, and focused. You must state the main topics and arguments to be covered.

The body of the literature review should include an in-depth discussion of the sources you were signed to review. Make sure that your arguments are presented clearly and linked with the literature. Write in a way that your future reader can easily understand what you mean. Make the impression that you are familiar with the research. Blogging is all about making impression!

In the summary section, you are expected to give the conclusions you have drawn from your readings. It is a nice idea to give some recommendations for future research in this field. Try to demonstrate your analytical skills. No doubt your ability to make conclusions, apt and to the point comments will help you a lot in blogging. 

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