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Try Google+ Now

Most important note: leave your comment (include your Gmail account) to get Google+ invitation from 9BlogTips.com

Yes, I just created a Google+ account from an invitation of my friend. Try it in some minutes, I have some thoughts I want to share with you:

  • Google+ is more simple than Facebook with white-color style, I prefer Google+ style to Facebook
  • Animation effects are processed so smooth and they’re very awesome to try, especially in Circles features.
  • We have a great way to connect with our friends through Circles, we can list our friends into groups – this is better than Facebook.

Some screenshots from my Google+ account to see:

Google+ Stream

Google+ Stream

Google+ Photos

Google+ Photos

Google+ Circles

Google+ Circles

And here’s quick tips to invite your Facebook friends to Google+:

  1. Import your Facebook friends into your Yahoo Mail
  2. Move to your Google+ Circles
  3. Connect your Yahoo account to Google+ account by Find friends feature
  4. Drag your friends on to Circles to group them

Now please leave your comment (with a proper Gmail account) to receive Google+ invitation from 9BlogTips.com. It takes some hours to few days to get inviting email because Google+ is insane demand right now, so don’t worry if you’re not lucky because Invitation system is still working perfectly.

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  • Hello! i really wish to recieve an invitation! thanks in the avance and keeo in the good work!
    My email is adolfo.savia@gmail.com

  • hi plz send me invitation

  • I would love to try out Google+ if I could. You have an amazing blog as well!:)

  • wau ? Bro I want U invite my email ameegooss@gmail.com from your G+ ! Thx

  • can u plz send me a link to google plus and invite thanks email is keelindolan@gmail.com

  • I really like this article and agree with all the points you have mentioned. I am also in the blogging niche and running a Blog http://www.blogntips.com .Do let me know if we can exchange the link

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