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When Should You Take a Break from Blogging?

My neck REALLY hurts as I type these words. Severe pain. So….after I write and publish this post, I will take a break. Only for an hour or so. One hour laying on the hard floor allows my neck tension to dissolve. I be good money, after that short, sweet break.

But what about longer breaks? I do not suggest you take months off from blogging – unless you enjoy breaking European style – but sometimes it pays to take 1 or 2 weeks off from blogging. Ultimately, let your intuition guide you on this break-ing journey. We need to plow through rough feelings mindfully, at times. Other times, we need to turn off the old lappy and go to bed. Or maybe you need to take a vacation. I love taking vacations. Good for the soul. But I take working vacations virtually all of the time. Yep; I have not taken a full day off from blogging in years. But I take plenty of breaks during my blogging day. Sound confusing? Well it’s not….because….I prefer to take a bunch of breaks from blogging every single day, in order to blog daily for 5 years in a row.

Does this strategy make sense? For longevity, hell yeah. Most bloggers forcefully blog for 12-14 hours daily and blow out their gaskets in weeks or months. Imagine moths flying too close to the flame. In 10 seconds, you are moth dust. Dead. Cactus, as the Aussies say. Why? Your greed, desperation and flat out fear goaded you to work as HARD AS POSSIBLE and as LONG AS POSSIBLE every day to get money. But blogging is a life time commitment. Or, a 5-10 year and longer commitment.

Blogging and money don’t care about your financial demands. Money moves its sweet bippy, in its own sweet time.

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I stress right off of the bat how boosting profits is all about freedom. Money can serve as a freeing agent if you learn to relax, generously help people, trust and allow money to flow to you at its own rate. Taking breaks is a huge part of relaxing sufficiently.

Different Breaks, Different Folks

Every human being takes breaks at different rates because we all walk a different blogging journey. Do you enjoy working 10 hour days M-F but love taking weekends off to spend time with da fam? Do that. Follow your fun. Do what feels relaxing to you. Do you enjoy working 6-8 hours daily and taking many daily breaks, like me, for 30 to 60 minutes per break? Do that. Follow your intuition. Trust your gut. You will always get clear signals in terms of bodily or mental pain, when it’s time to pull back and take a chill pill.

Again; I may even lay on the floor for 10 minutes in a bit, and that’ll be enough. Who knows? I’ll lay down. We’ll see how I feel. Always a feeling thing. Always an energy thing. Some bloggers trudge or plow through their day being complete ignorant of their emotions or energies. Bad idea! You’ll never know when to take breaks for resting, recharging and re-aligning.

Slow down. Calm down. I more than anyone tend to charge forward from a fun-loving vibe daily. But I also expand my awareness and spot when I need to take breaks and for how long. I have not done a long, full vacay from blogging for a week or so in many years but those 30 to 60 minute micro -breaks daily keep me rested, recharged and as fresh as a blogging daisy. We need breaks. Nobody is a cyborg. In truth, the most well-rested bloggers appear to be the most like robots.

I also get 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Now ya know; I never burn the candle at both ends.

Feeling totally stressed? Overwhelmed? Take a freaking break. Blogging will be here for you when you get back to blogging.

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