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Blogging Goals: Do You Really Want What You Think You Want?

I recall having an absolute temper tantrums whenever I checked my email and saw nothing much. I felt depressed because I did not see any business-related email. No clients. No customers. But then I used to judge the low volume of emails I received in negative fashion. Why did I receive a few emails when other established, professional bloggers got more emails daily?

I finally woke up by visualizing my dreams. Seeing my dreams in detail inspired me to watch myself lazing on the beaches of Thailand. I enjoyed looking out on the crystal clear waters as the palm trees swayed in the breeze. I even saw a coconut hit the ground by a large, green lizard. Dreaming this vision felt really calming, relaxing and freeing. Then I thought something; how in the heck could I be on the beach enjoying myself if I had to check email for hours daily? Maybe bloggers who wanted to sit in front of the computer for hours just to check email and look for business partners would invite receiving hundreds of emails a day but I am not that person.

Big Time wake up call. I soon changed my strategy. All passive income, all the time. I removed my contact page. Readers could only contact me by clicking my about me page to learn more about me. I added my email link via the end of my about page. This is called setting up a passive blogging income based business. This type of business works perfectly for someone who wants to circle the globe as an island-hopping professional blogger.

I thought that I wanted a full inbox. Turns out, I really wanted to be free by generating mostly passive income. I did not really want what my ego thought it wanted. I basically want zero emails daily and maximum passive blogging income because writing and publishing blog posts and guest posts and receiving sales through my audiobooks, e-books, courses and paperbacks is the most enjoyable, fun and freeing life for a world traveler like me.

Why in the heck would I want to run a service-based business while circling the globe? I recall trying to set up timed with clients when I was living in Thailand. Most of my clients seemed to be living in the Eastern time zone of the United States. Thailand is 12 hours ahead of this time zone. Trying to collaborate our schedules proved to be a total pain in the neck. Get up super early or my clients had to stay up later in order to set up a coaching call.

I didn’t really want to want a coaching business through my blog because I hated trading time for money and and found scheduling conflicts to be difficult to overcome because I lived in so many different places around the world. I then decided to setup a predominantly passive income business model through my blog. Publishing posts and guest posts felt most fun and freeing to me. Plus doing these things and promoting my eBooks, courses audio books and paperbacks allowed me to build my passive blogging income. That really works best for me. I could make money online while 35,000 ft above terra firma, or while sleeping, or while on a bus ride across a country.

Do you really want what you think you want with your blogging goals? Honestly assess why you want 1000 emails a day, a thriving service-based business or some other aspect of your blogging campaign. Being straight with yourself, you likely see that you want something different. Perhaps you set certain goals based on the success of bloggers you follow and admire.

Or maybe you tie some strange meaning to being successful and crazy busy. I could care less about being busy. I simply want to have fun helping people and make passive blogging income so I never trade time for money. I do put in work and have fun doing it but I don’t need to trade time for money ever because I built my blog up to generate passive blogging income for me. I suggest you do the same if you want to live a genuinely freeing lifestyle through blogging.


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