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What Is the Difference Between an Entrepreneur and Blogger?

A few moments ago, I emailed my list. I simply linked to my blog post. Within the blog post, I linked to one of my eBooks via link and embed. Both being associated with my Amazon Associates affiliate account, I make money through 2 channels. One, my KDP royalty payment as an Amazon self-published author. Two, my Amazon Associates payment, as an affiliate. Entrepreneurs think about and act on ideas that benefit readers aka customers, and also figure out how to make the most money through each sale, through the concept of leveraging. I remember observing a prospering blogger explain how he adds his Associate ID for Amazon to all he sells through his blog. Even if he makes a few extra cents via the Associate handle add, entrepreneurs understand a few extra cents add up to something special over the long haul, as your traffic volume increases, and sales increases. Entrepreneurs also know how a few seconds of effort is worth the few extra cents that add up to hundreds of dollars then thousands of dollars then more, over the long haul.

Now, let’s take a look at a blogger. If I thought like a blogger, I would link to the eBook via my email, NOT adding the Associates handle. No Associates profits there, eating into my overall profits. Plus, I lose the massive exposure I’d gain by putting the Associates link and embed on my blog, because my list is a limited group of folks, but my blog attracts readers and customers from unlimited channels, online and offline. Thinking like just a blogger, I’d make less and less money because I think like a writer who monetizes, versus thinking like a business man who blogs.

Why do you think I guest post so frequently every single day? First off, I love helping people. But I think like an entrepreneur in so doing through the principles of leveraging and self-promoting tirelessly. Every guest post I write and publish leverages my presence in front of audiences different than my readership at Blogging From Paradise. Leveraging. I also promote one of my eBooks through every guest post I write and publish. Self-promoting. Entrepreneurs maximize their earnings by leveraging their presence through all types of channels while promoting themselves and their premium products and services, to help more folks and to make more money.

Imagine my eBook:

15 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Picture me writing a post on my blog, linking to the eBook and publishing the post. Some folks see the eBook. Minimum exposure. But promoting my flagship eBook via one of my blog posts today AND promoting this eBook on Blogging Tips is the entrepreneurial thing to do. Why? Think abundance. Entrepreneurs spread the wealth across a wide range of channels – blog posts, guest posts, podcasts, live broadcasts – to think like business people, to help a max amount of people and to maximize their earnings potential. Always be edging, nudging and moving into new audiences. Always be promoting yourself as you add value and help people. Never try to squeeze maximum profits through one eBook. Write 10. Or write 100 plus eBooks, as I did. This way, being abundant, I can keep promoting each eBook, rotating daily through the 10-12 blog posts I publish, blogging and guest blogging.

Think like an entrepreneur, not a blogger. Help more folks. Prosper more freely.

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Ryan Biddulph inspires with courses, blog and 100 plus eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.

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