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How to make money selling Journals (digital printables, planners and low content books)

Looking for an easy way how you can make money from home selling printables, journals, planners and low content books.

The first question people ask is how much money you can make by selling printables. Quick answer – A lot.

You can make anywhere starting 100 dollars to literally thousands of dollars just by selling digital printables. I have known of few people who literally make 5 figure income selling digital printables.

For example the below person makes 6000 dollars per month only from printables. She swears by this blog course and this printables course.

My inputs – I have done both the courses and found them useful

this course is being mentioned in the video

I personally create and sell printables and can vouch that selling printables is an easy way to make money.

If you are a blogger then selling printables on your blog is a great way to make money (as once you have paid a product – you can sell it multiple times with no further efforts of packaging or worrying about inventory or other issues that come with physical products)

Even if you do not have a blog yet – you can sell printables as there are multiple platforms available for you to sell your digital products. I would be talking about them in some time.

So let us answer all questions related to printables one by one. As I have received many questions on this on my you tube channel and even on my Instagram.

How do you make money selling Printables?

So let is start with basics and your main goal – How can you make money selling printables.

Do your analysis and find what to make -> Create the printable -> List it on a site for selling and price it competitively -> Work towards driving traffic to your printable

Before that let us answer the basic question – what is a digital printable?

A digital printable are usually downloadable pdfs or nowadays even editable pdfs that users can download and use it to meet their needs.

There are multiple types of digital printables you can create – kids worksheets, wall posters, journals, planners, gift tags, decor printables, productivity printables, stickers, party invite printables, flash cards, coloring printables for kids/adults and of course the list goes on.

So now you have understood what are printables – next step let us understand the strategy of how to make money selling printables:

  1. Find out what printables are already selling (i.e. there is demand for it). You can check this using what is selling in etsy and other such digital platforms
  2. Find out what printables are in demand but competition is lesser so you have a chance of being found after you have created the printable and put it up for sale. You can find competition using tools like etsy rank.
  3. Once you have decided on above two – Check your competition and see if there is anything missing or anything that users are looking for that has not yet been done. So mainly what can you add in your printables that adds value to the buyer
  4. Create the printable. You can learn how to create a printable using this awesome course. (I personally have done this course and found it useful).
  5. Sell these printables on etsy or you can use sendowl or gumroad

Irrespective of what type of digital printable you are creating – the strategy above would be same.

Now to make money selling printables – you need to price them appropriately.

Usually small printables are sold between 2 to 9 dollars and you can also make printables bundle and sell them at a higher price.

Note – Creating a printable is only the beginning and takes 20% of the time – the main effort and may be 80% of your time goes in driving traffic to your printables.

How to make 6 figure income a Month with a Printable Business

Now to get so many sales that you make a 6 figure income – we have to focus on ways to get traffic and establish our authority in the business. One thing that really helps is having your own email list.

How we can do it:

  1. Give freebies (to give your readers a glimpse of how good your products are + to get their email id such that you can send them more emails in future – this is called email marketing)
  2. Write a blog post and publish it
  3. Share this post on social media like Pinterest, you can post on Instagram or make an you tube video. So mainly promote it on different social media channels
  4. Most people search for printables on Pinterest so you can use Pinterest for driving traffic
  5. Once you have a good email list – send people a mail when you launch printables and you can launch them at a lower price
  6. Also focus on SEO – drive traffic to your blog post. As traffic from Google is consistent and it lasts much longer. We will talk about it in details soon
  7. Also once you have a printable that is selling you can create related ones and launch a bundle. and then you can work on marketing funnels. All this is called scaling and strategies needed for running a successful business and is covered in this course

If you are not sure how to do above – you can refer to courses I have shared already and see the video I shared.

What I have mostly seen people doing is:

  • Create small free printables to drive traffic to blog, build email list and establish authority
  • These free printables are embedded in posts – so publish a post let us say every Sunday
  • Pin images from above article on Pinterest
  • Create video pins for printables and pin on Pinterest
  • Send an email to people in your list to purchase the printable at a lower price and a time sensitive deal. Note – I have tried time sensitive deals and they work for me
  • With time network and create an affiliate network so that others also recommend your printables and it is a win win for everyone involved.

You can get started with this blog course and this printables course and believe me that is all you would need.

One mistake to avoid when creating printables or journals – is creating and giving many printables free. Try create few and see how they work.

Or once you have an email list – you can actually presell a printable and then make and deliver it. Saves the heartache of making something that no one is interested in buying. So know your audience

How to get Traffic to your Printables Shop

In short you can get traffic to your printables shop via social media or SEO.

You can use Social media like Pinterest, Instagram, You tube, Facebook to drive traffic to your freebies or printables shop.

Decide on one channel that seems to works for you and then slowly move to the other channels

For printable – I have see Pinterest works best as your audience is right there. It helps you generate passive income if your pin is saved by many people.

This is the BEST PINTEREST course that has helped me and many other. I personally have applied its strategies and found traffic increasing to my parenting website

Click here to check out

Another very important channel to drive traffic to your shop is via email marketing. Usually this is what people do not do in beginning so avoid this mistake.

The most important channel that leads in most sales is SEO. Search engine optimization. In simple works what to do to get your shop coming in google search results.

So if your blog comes on Google first page – you get many people clicking and coming to your website – that is amazing traffic ?

Social media traffic is not consistent – moreover you may get traffic who are browsing your shop but with Google or any other search engine you get targeted and consistent traffic.

So for example of anyone is looking for bullet journal pdf printable and your blog/shop comes in google search results – the reader is most likely to buy your printable.

So focus on all 3. Do not make a mistake of not focusing on email marketing and SEO.

You can do this FREE course for SEO.

Other courses you would find useful for learning SEO are listed below. I have done all of these plus I have create 2 e-books and courses of my own on SEO. Check out this ebook on SEO.

How to sell your printable, journals and other digital products on Etsy?

You will apply the same strategy as I have mentioned above but with some minor differences.

There are specific tools like Etsyrank that can help you with your competitor and SEO analysis, I have done an amazing course that just focuses on tips you need to make a good income on Etsy. You can check the testimonials of this course by clicking here.

Also download this free e-book.

This e-book and course is by someone who is making much more than a 6 figure income just by selling printable so it is something you should not miss.

What if you cannot design the printables or do not have the time to design the printables?

If you can not design the printables just buy templates with commercial licenses. Make changes and you are good to sell them.

That is the best and cheapest way to actually design the printables and sell them faster.

So where there is a will – there is a way.

You can either create printables on your own or buy the commercial licenses and use them

In this course not only you learn how to create printables – but you also get some easy to get started templates which make your life easy. Below person made $4200 in one week. I am yet to get there but I know this is where I want to be ?

This course is being mentioned in the video

How to know which Printables and Low Content Books, Journals will Sell?

Now this is the most important part and the strategy that most people miss.

There are 3 ways of doing it – one using Etsy and the other using Google and the third one depends on the audience.

Let us start with Etsy first and this is a simple strategy that works. This is a secret that most 6 figure bloggers share in their courses.

How to know which printables, low content journals are selling on Etsy?

Go to Etsy

Search for the keyword

Look at what products are being shows and what is being suggested

Look at what these accounts are selling, Etsy also shows how many sales were generated so look at how many of these products were sold

In Etsy in some cases you would also see how many people added a product to a cart.

Also you can see a user s favoriting which products – (which again is pure gold as you get to know what the audience is interested in)

Now once you have established a product popularity then we have to see competitiveness and which can be done using a tool called Etsy rank. I learned this trick in this course which is a great source of information for anyone wanting to sell on Etsy.


Once you have identified what to create – the next steps is easier – you can either create it yourself or hire someone to do it or buy a PLR content and resell it.

Note – when you are browsing Etsy keep a note of what you like or do not like as that would help you with details of products you want to creaate.

Note down what others are offering, in what sizes they are offering, in what colours or themes it is being done, How are the graphics and videos being created to sell the product. What keywords are being used in the description of the products. All of this makes a lot of difference and can help you generate sales

Use this information to sell your products

How to know which printables, low content journals are selling on Google?

For this you will know a little bit of SEO and keywords research. Click here to download the E-book on how to do SEO using free tools

Mainly we have to find keywords that people are searching for (so medium volume) and low competition so that we have a chance for ranking for it.

This is useful for all of you who also have a website.

Once we find such keywords – the next step is again simple – create products, sales pages and you are good for generative passive income continuously.

How to know which printables, low content journals to create based on audience research?

Now this technique is based on knowing your audience – if you already are active on Instagram or Facebook groups you tube then you can ask your audience what they need.

You can accordingly launch a presale for the products. That way once you know people need it enough to pay for it – Bingo. Go ahead, create a product and deliver it to your audience.

How to Create Printables and courses

To actually create printables – you will need a tool. You can use Word, Powerpoint, Google docs, Canva, Adobe Photoshop or any other tool which you are comfortable with.

You can learn all techniques required to create digital printables, sell them and make money from home in this course.

You do not need a blog, You do not need audience, You do not need email list, You do not not need coding knowledge – all you need is to take the first step – start reading and applying what you have learnt.

Just follow instructions and use the templates and get started.

Check the printables course

Where to sell Printables and low content Books and journals?

Below are few websites where you can sell printables, low content books and journals

  • Etsy for printables
  • Amazon Kindle for low content books
  • Teachers pay Teachers
  • Gumroad
  • You can also use sendowl for selling via your own website
  • Shopify

How to Make Money selling Low Content Books, Journals and Planners

Low content books are profitable and so is true with journals and planners. These are great for generating passive income – as once created you can sell it n number of times and does not need for you to think about raw materials, manufacturing or inventory.

So this is a one time effort with minimal investment and you can continue selling for years.

Here is an easy way to create and sell planner journals

  1. Create the product or you can buy a PLR and customize it
  2. Customize the products as per your users needs
  3. Created and design high quality appealing covers. If you can not do it yourself find people on Upwork or Fiverr who can do this for you
  4. Upload your products to Amazon KDP, Lulu, Etsy, Shopify, Gumroad, Teachers pay teachers and other such sites
  5. Include Keywords, variations and videos that can help you generate more sales

Note for Creating low content books – you can nowadays use AI powered tools as well. I am yet to try it but I have seen many people doing and promoting this.

Can you Make Money selling Low Content Books, Journals?

Yes definitely. You can earn money selling these digital products. Two things you have to note down would be – create content and journals for a narrow niche and also create appealing covers.

What low content books sell the most?

From what I have noticed Gratitude journals sell the most on Amazon. The next best thing I have seen people are Coloring pages.

How many pages should a low content book have?

100 – 120 pages are good enough to satisfy the customer so you plan to have a range of 100-120 pages for your low content book.

I hope you found this article useful and if you have any further questions please do ask me in comments.

Check the printables course to get started with creating your own ebooks, printables, workbooks, challenges, calendars, kids worksheets, coloring books, digital stickers, schedules, journals and more

Type of low content books on Amazon

  • Coloring books
  • Journals
  • Planners
  • Log notebooks
  • Prompt notebooks
  • Sketch books
  • Puzzle books
  • Kids learning books
  • Recipe books
  • Notepads

Popular low content ebooks on Amazon as examples

I have included some ideas below – they can be created and sold anywhere – etsy, shopify, amazon or your own website.

Your target to be find low competition medium traffic keywords so that you can get continuous sales. Imagine if you find one like that – and even if you can generate 1 sale per day – it would be a good start.

prayer journal for women

Prayer journal for teen girls

graditude journal women christian

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