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Pro Blogging Tip: Get Comfortable with Receiving Money

Get comfortable with receiving increasing amounts of money to become a more successful professional blogger. Everybody needs to bump it up a few levels to reach the next stage of their professional blogging career. Pump it up by raising your rates. Raise your prices too. Get comfortable with receiving more money through the products you offer and service you render to reach into even higher circles.

Pay close attention to happy, prospering professional bloggers. Pro increase their rates, prices and income steadily because in order to make more money you have to leverage your pricing. Don’t work harder and longer to make more money. Eventually you will reach a point of decreasing returns. Charge more money as you get clear on receiving money. Increase your rates. Boost your prices. Never short change yourself. Be as generous with yourself as you are with your readers. Get clear on charging generous rates to capitalize on your authority. Prosper through your expert status. Follow your fun and charge handsomely for it.

See money as being a neutral means of exchange. Money has no meaning save the meaning you add to money in your mind. Seeing this neutral means of exchange as it really is gives you comfort in charging more money for value you bring to the marketplace. See yourself being free. Doesn’t it feel amazing? Point blank, every blogger who lives their professional blogging dreams charges premium rates for what they do. Nobody succeeds wildly online by being cheap with themselves. Be generous with yourself. You deserve it. You earned it. Now have posture. Charge higher rates. Increase prices. Receive more money for the value you share with your following. Customers and clients either pay or move along. Allow people to take it or leave it. Never take anything personal in terms of blogging business or money.

Find good matches. Release everybody else. Business finds posturing professional bloggers. But raising prices may be a little uncomfortable. Perhaps you feel comfortable receiving a certain income but making more than that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Be with your fears. Do not turn around. Picture yourself being completely free through your blogging campaign. Even top professionals should picture themselves being free because the image in mind gives you the calm confidence that the vision unfolds into truth every single day. Picture. Know success is yours. Charge a little bit more. No need to make a quantum leap but do reward yourself by being generous with yourself.

Professional bloggers generously serve people through their content, products and services. Professional bloggers turn right around and generously charge premium rates. Give. Receive. The formula for receiving freely is to give freely and to open up to receiving all the gifts the world has for you. Nudge out of your comfort zone. Remember why you blog. Allow that reason to expand in your mind. Tie the reason to something incredibly fun and super freeing. Dwell on these emotions to make the freeing, fun but sometimes uncomfortable choices of increasing your rates and prices. No better way exists to make money through your blog because slowly boosting your rates and prices helps you to make more money through interaction.

Pump up prices slowly but steadily. Never go in reverse. Fear influences you to charge less for something if you made little or no money through the channel. Do not listen to the fear. Listen to your heart. Trust your gut. Allow your intuition to guide you towards greater blogging income. Slowly and steadily increase your prices. Get comfortable with receiving more money and do it in a way where you do not trade time for money. Professional bloggers know that trading time for money is a losing game. Picture yourself succeeding online. Everything feels amazing. But succeeding online from a freeing, loving energy inspires you to work more intelligently, generously and abundantly in addition to charging more for what you offer. Charging more may challenge your ego; it may tell you nobody will pay that price or perhaps you aren’t worth it. Nudge into the fear, feel it and release it. Proceed to charge higher prices. Increase your rates. The freeing way to succeed online is to generously help people and to generously receive more money for the services you offer and products you create.

Feel abundant. Cultivate a sense of gratitude for your clients, customers and anyone who endorses you. Every person who expands your business increases your blogging income. Get comfortable receiving love from these generous people. Something meet happens; your professional blogging career takes off because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention to love. Love grows in your experience. Money is a neutral means of exchange that can reflect the love in terms of value that loving people send your way. Everything comes back to blogging abundantly, trusting in the process and listening to the little voice that tells you to increase your prices now. Go ahead. Do it. Allow in more money to save your time. Allow in more money to expand your freedom. Do the abundant thing. Generously help people. Generally receive more money per interaction. Boost your income while increasing your blogging freedom factor.


Think like a professional blogger to expand your freedom. Make more money through each interaction. Increase your rates. Boost your prices. Get comfortable with receiving money to accelerate your blogging success.. Be generous with people. Be generous with yourself. Get comfortable with allowing in more money through your blogging campaign to free yourself, to save time and to better assist your readers.

Observe top bloggers. Top professionals are clear on receiving an increasing amount of money for the products they create and services they render. Follow their lead. Free yourself and live your dreams through your professional blogging career.


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