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Using Facebook to Market Your Business

A business built in this modern technology era should never miss the opportunity to have a Facebook account. The social networking site has many users across the globe, and can be used as a means to advertise your business. It is also possible for a business to utilize fans buy from third party websites, to increase their customer base and traffic numbers.

However, just because we live and work in a social media savvy world doesn’t mean you should ignore traditional sales and marketing best practise. Successful sales professionals know how to target the right people i.e. the ones that will close a deal (it’s called ‘commitment based selling‘) so in the social world you should also understand how to target the right people. Not every Facebook user will be interested in your business so you have to find the ones that will be and target them.

Fortunately Facebook provides all these data at you fingertips: want to target 25-35 years olds only? Done. Want to target people in their 40s with their own home and an interest in pets? Done. You get the idea…

How to Attract Customers to Your Fan Page

Whatever your business – whether you are selling professional services (such as a financial adviser or an SEO consultant), high-end products from a luxury store or “pile ’em high” products sold out of a self storage unit, the first step is to set up a fan page. Members have a chance to like the fan page, which will make them members of your page. Previously, those who wanted to follow a fan page had to be elected to be a fan. This method did not go over well with users who wanted to be a part of a certain page, so the system was changed to allow anyone to like a page.

Many people want to create facebook business page entries for a company or for a particular product. The user only needs to create the page, and add stunning content to customize it to their business. You should also have the consent of the company, business or brand you are creating a page for, if the business does not belong to you personally. Once the page has been designed and created, it is essential to customize it, and add relevant information about the business or brand you are representing. Once the page is complete, invite other Facebook users to like the new page.  The more people that like the fan page, then the more traffic you will get because after each person “likes it”, a newsfeed will be broadcast to every single one of the people on their friend list. Those friends will then visit your page to check it out.  That is why it is so important to make it inviting with interesting content. First impression is everything.

Your business should have an established blog or e-mail account, so that it is easier to post information that links to your Facebook page. This makes it easier for customers to join your business community. You can also cross link with other social media sites, like Twitter to showcase your Facebook page. It is also possible to cross post information on both Facebook and Twitter.

How to Maintain Your Facebook Fans

For those who are more aggressive in doing business, and have a budget, they can purchase Facebook ads to promote fan page created. Having created an account and made it successful, you need to then nurture it to keep your customers engaged, and to give them a reason to visit your fan page. Ensure you add content often, preferably on a daily basis so that your clients are updated. This also gives the customers a reason to visit your page to check for any new content.

With the business Facebook fan page, you can post all the stories and news that relate to your product or business. Your Facebook page should also provide tips about your business. Instead of working on inviting more audience members, it is necessary to entice customers with your captivating content. Do not leave questions from your clients unanswered, and follow up with all posts on your page. You will be using facebook for business marketing, and will be creating a bigger community for your business.

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