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Make Your Blog Outstanding

I have been searching for new blogs, and I am amazed by how much of what is on page 1 for Google is not really adding great value. It seems that there is a national trend to build blogs that pretend to be the font of all knowledge, but are really not. These sites regurgitate information about a specific topic without adding anything new or useful to the reader.

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Thankfully not all blogs are the same and many are abandoning the practise of churning out short posts in favour of longer, more detailed posts that genuinely offer something useful to the reader. No longer are businesses and bloggers tempted to believe that website visitors only have short attention spans and don’t want to red more than 500 words in one sitting. Statistics are showing that the highest ranking sites and pages have significantly more content than that with 3,000 being the average but some high rankings pages with as much as 10,000 words.


One blog that I have spent some time with is one of these authentic blogs at GoCompareStorage.com. I happen to be moving house so am interested in any tips and advice about moving house that I can find and these guys are blogging about topics that I really want to hear about. They have a ton of information to share with me – all useful and detailed. The main purpose of the site is to help people easily compare self storage prices but since self storage is commonly (but not always) used by people moving home they decided to devote much of what they post to that topic.

good blogs have long content

To me, Google should be listing blogs from sites like gocomparestorage.com because these folks really know their stuff and care about offering great advice. Google should know this and be better able to keep those offering poor content from occupying space on page 1 for these topics (as well as many others).

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