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5 Simple Ways To Monetize Your Blogs

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Updated 23 December 2018

Building an audience and driving traffic to your blog doesn’t have to be simply a labor of love. If you can deliver great content & hot trend topics to a tribe of loyal visitors (which can come from any business including those that perform SEO health checks), today’s virtual landscape offers you more options for successfully monetizing your online real estate than ever before. Whether you’ve chosen to buy website domains that are thriving or have built one from the ground up, the following strategies can help you cash-in on your efforts.

You will be able to set up a virtual business without all the hassles and expense associated with running a physical business. No need to rent expensive premises or pay for expensive advertising – with a monetized blog you won’t need to find a loan and them make regular payments on that loan like so many start up businesses. You can start up with practically no cash and be debt-free.

Get Friendly with Pay-per-click Campaigns

The most basic monetization strategy available today is to display small ads for goods and services related to the content on your site. Displaying these ads can be an easy way to start generating an online income. When visitors click on an ad, you get paid. It’s that simple. You might not make a mint, but if you already enjoy significant traffic to your site, you can certainly pickup extra money. And as WordNomads.com points out, there are tricks for increasing your click-throughs such as placing an 300×250 AdSense box in the upper-left corner of your page.

Sell Direct Ads

If your blog draws a lot of traffic, you may be able to sell ads to companies that target demographics matching your loyal audiences. Monetizing your blog through direct ad sales can be tough, but attract the right advertisers and you could see a nice fee coming your way every month without having to rely on click-throughs or copy stuffed with highly-profitable keywords.

Try Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you agree to promote someone else’s products in exchange for a commission whenever a visitor uses your link to go the vendor’s website and make a purchase. Affiliate marketing can be a highly lucrative approach to blog monetization, but you must use some care in approaching it. As copywriter John Grant warns, it’s easy to annoy your visitors with affiliate links, so be up front when you post them and only promote products you love. If you need locating helping products worthy of your audience or don’t know what step to take next, consider investing in some training such as the Site Domination Pro course.

Offer a Membership Community

If you cater to an audience with specialized tastes, consider offering a paid blog section offering visitors access to a high-quality, highly-engaged community. For a monthly fee, your members can share insights and information, secure in the knowledge that your pay wall is likely to keep the Internet trolls and spammers away. If you are careful not to annoy your membership, you can even pair this with some affiliate marketing and add value by bringing intensely-targeted products before an intensely-motivated audience.

Create Information Products

One the most profitable of all online monetization strategies, creating and selling information products can offer amazing profit margins and an endless stream of passive income. Just put in the effort upfront to create a quality product and sell it again and again. If your product takes off, you could even start an affiliate program and get others to promote it for you.

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