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Why do I love HostGator?

Starting off back in 2002, HostGator has come a long way from their early days in a tiny dormitory within a Texan university to being one of the top web hosting services providers in the world, amassing over 12,000 servers, serving over 5 million domains, catering to over 400,000 customers and experiencing the surge of over 1% of all global Internet traffic through their servers.

HostGator has risen through the ranks and surpassed competition that was existent long before its own inception primarily due to their old fashioned and rare approach and mantra of focusing on customer satisfaction above all else; the company takes its customers very seriously and is committed to providing them with the best of the best at all times.

HostGator has gained a solid reputation over the years, gaining hundreds of thousands of customers, with thousands more gaining access to the company’s services each year. The company has received multiple awards and has garnered much acclaim in the field for its cutting edge technology, innovative solutions, professional customer support network, numerous guarantees and many other features which will be discussed below.

HostGator Services Support

The support at HostGator is one of the things they are most famous for, and is arguably one of the main reasons of their unfathomable success story.

The support network at the company is renowned for its efficiency and its ability to perform adequately and to guarantee utmost customer satisfaction at all times. In fact, the customer support network is one of the main things which the customers of HostGator repeatedly praise and cite as one of their strongest asset.

This is due to the strict selection process during which only the most qualified individuals are picked from the applicants, subjected to testing, Q/A sessions, test trails and various monitoring periods to ensure their compatibility with the company’s quality standards and to ensure that they have the right stuff to give the company’s clients what they deserve and expect.

Customer support at HostGator is also extremely renowned for their friendly and courteous demeanor with all customers, something which has earned them a positive reputation and made the customers of the company more than pleased with the level of services they are receiving.

HostGator Services Reliability

HostGator hosting features many reliability indicators within its operations which speak highly of its capability of providing the best possible service there is.

For one thing, the fact that well over 90 % of all their clients have voted in praise of the services of the company during an official survey in the past year is one major proof of reliability. The testimony of hundreds of thousands of clients is not something to be snubbed at, but rather, taken highly into consideration when deciding on a services provider; after all, these are the people who have already experienced what it’s like to interact with the company and its products.

Another reliability indicator is in the form of the company’s investment in advanced machinery and cutting edge technology and its focus on non-stop networking activity monitoring to ensure that all services are up and running as necessary with no delays, server downtime or connection interruption or any other inconveniences which can prove unsatisfactory for the customers of HostGator.

HostGator Services Disadvantages

The disadvantages at HostGator are simply nonexistent, the company operates one of the most successful teams in the history of web hosting and has proven more than once to be more than capable of working under pressure, performing and excelling with every new challenge and providing their clientele with the best technology and innovation have to offer; surely no disadvantages there!

HostGator Services Features

  • Functional with PC, Max and Linux OS
  • Up to 90 day money-back guarantee
  • Domain services
  • MySQL Databases
  • Shockwave flash player supported
  • Video and audio streaming
  • Shopping cart add-ons
  • Website builder tools of varying complexity
  • Shared SSL
  • Over 30 self-installing scripts
  • Spam filters
  • Simple, revolutionary and easy-to-use control panel
  • With plenty more features to go!

HostGator Services Control Panel

This is the main tool used for all sorts of interactions with the services provided by HostGator and forms the main pedestal from which customers can control their websites, domains and accounts.

The control panel features some pretty revolutionary features and allows the user to perform digital miracles with its cutting edge tools and actions, putting its user ahead of anyone else on the market by providing them with this unique tool which is extremely easy to use and features a super user friendly interface as well.

The tool allows for all sorts of actions to be performed, starting with basic website creation, to website enhancement and editing which can range from choosing from pre-created templates to creating your very own design – a popular choice for many IT and designing professionals. The tool is also responsible for website management and operation in all manners of speak, giving its user God-like control and unrestricted powers over the website and its capabilities.You have some amazing coupons that helps you to Trill your Hostgator bill that can be found on hostgatorcouponsupdated.com

The tool is of special importance to those with business websites as it facilitates many options and provides various add-ons which are integral for websites selling products such as the integration of PayPal as well as the addition of shopping carts; certainly an invaluable asset.

HostGator Services Guarantees

The company provides all manner of guarantees to reassure new clients as well as prospective clients that theirs is the right company to choose and the most qualified to supply them with the best business and services in the entire market.

Starting with their powerful partnerships and affiliations, we find that HostGator is backed up by some of the biggest names in the corporate world, including search engine tycoon “Google” as well as various famous social media websites such as “MySpace” and “Facebook” among many others. This type of association is vital as it hints at the reputability of HostGator and the extent of its success, enabling it to ally itself with such high profile powerhouses in the IT world.

Another guarantee is the “money-back within 90 day guarantee” which allots up to 90 days of trial where the user can judge the services and products for themselves and acquire a full refund should they not be impressed or feel that the services they are receiving are subpar – an extremely rare occurrence at HostGator.

Another guarantee is featured in the company’s ability to employ the most qualified personnel, and use the most advanced machinery in order to provide constant, fluid and uninterrupted services to its clients to ensure that they receive the best of the best; always.

Is choosing HostGator as my web hosting services provider the right thing to do?

That question is rather simply and can be answered by citing the various paragraphs listed above. Ask yourself if a company which is dedicated and professional, caring of its customers, aware of its strengths and interested in expanding upon its assets is the right company for you; then you have your answer.

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