Why Blogging Karma Is In Full Effect

5 seconds ago, I received an email from someone whose list I did not sign up for. I saw the name and thought: “Moron”. Immediately, I tapped the spam button. He spammed me. This is known. But going deeper, blogging karma is still in effect. I recall his name, and an interaction we had many many many years ago. He followed me from afar. I knew little of him. One day, adopting an heir of […]


How to Get People to Engage With You and Your Blog

This post is based on episode 116 of the ProBlogger podcast. Over the past few weeks I’ve talked about the first three stages of warming up your readers and turning them into raving fans: And today I’m to tell you all about the final step: getting engagement. Yes, it’s nice to have people subscribing to your blog, following you on social media, and sharing what you’ve said with others. But what you really want is for them to […]


How to Get More Subscribers, Followers and Connections

Over the past few weeks I’ve been talking about warming up your readers and turning them into raving fans. So far I’ve talked about getting the word out about your new blog, and getting those first-time visitors interested in your blog and what you have to say. This week I want to talk about how to connect with them. That is, getting them to subscribe to your blog, connect with you, follow you, and give […]


Do You Blog for Targeted Or Disinterested Readers?

I scanned my email spam folder a few moments ago. Some marketers filled it, as they have filled it for years. Imagine thousands of emails landing in spam folders, never to be seen. Ineffective marketing. Inefficient marketing. Of course, in most cases, these marketers SCREAM their message from the mountain tops. But guess what? SCREAMING your message to people not interested in your message wastes your time and energy. Nobody cares. Whether you scream, or […]


Join our 7 Day Content Sprint

Hi there, friends. It’s Darren here from ProBlogger. Welcome to episode 281 of the ProBlogger Podcast. I’ve also got a live audience watching us today. They’ve been chiming in and saying good day. We’ve got people watching from Singapore, California, Adelaide, and all around Australia. It seems to be quite a few Aussies on due to the time of day that we’re going at the moment. I will explain to you I have my son […]


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