Some Unexpected Ways In Which Literature Reviews Can Boost Your Blogging Career

Mark Zeni Lots of students that dream of a successful blogging career don’t even know that their homework (commonly considered as pain in the neck) can go a long way towards realizing this dream. In today’s article, we’re going to take a closer look at such a popular type of academic assignment as literature review and prove that it can help you develop the skills indispensable for a blogger. What do we call a literature […]


How I Created My Profit Streams and Became a Full-Time Blogger

This post is based on episode 153 of the ProBlogger podcast. Last week I talked about my profit streams – what they were, and what each one earned as a percentage of my total business profits. In case you missed what those percentages were, here’s a summary: affiliate commissions – 46% product sales (ebooks, presets, course and printables) – 31% AdSense – 8% sponsorship – 6% ProBlogger job board – 5% ProBlogger events – 3% miscellaneous […]


One Huge Block to Blogging for Money

The biggest problem bloggers face in the make money online department is ceding complete responsibility for their financial gains or losses. Making money online when you appear to be broke totally messes up your mind. Bloggers who have little money make the critical error – most bloggers, at least – of being stingy, holding back and demanding payment for past content created. Imagine publishing 500 posts on your blog while working with an uber tight, […]


How I Earn a Living as a Blogger from ProBlogger and Digital Photography School

This post is based on episode 150 of the ProBlogger podcast. One of our main aims here at ProBlogger is to help people make money (if not a living) from their blogs. And we’ve certainly talked about it a lot over the years. We even have a portal dedicated to this very topic. But this week I’d like to give you some concrete examples by telling you how I earn a living from ProBlogger and Digital […]


Why Blogging Karma Is In Full Effect

5 seconds ago, I received an email from someone whose list I did not sign up for. I saw the name and thought: “Moron”. Immediately, I tapped the spam button. He spammed me. This is known. But going deeper, blogging karma is still in effect. I recall his name, and an interaction we had many many many years ago. He followed me from afar. I knew little of him. One day, adopting an heir of […]


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