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Blogging Tip: How Should You Pitch Companies?


100%, you focus on scarcity. Where your energy and focus goes, grows. Focus on scarcity. Tune in to scarcity. Aka, no money. Aka, no clients. Have you ever seen bloggers who seem to kill themselves for 18 hours daily and do not make a cent. Said bloggers work harder and harder and harder to see 0 dollars. But after working even, harder, and not seeing paying customers buy their courses and eBooks, a light bulb tends to go off; after a mental breakdown. At least, in my case LOL. I had to finally realize I struggled to attract paying customers because I secretly feared running out of money and failing and being ashamed for my failure. I buried these fears deep inside of me, creating a scarcity projection-perception in my being. I made $4 and felt like it was not enough. So I got not enough. I made $1000 and felt it was not enough. So I got not enough. I made $0.04 and felt it was not enough. So I got not enough.

No matter how much you work – even if you do effective, proven things – you cannot overcome, outwork, outwit or outsmart your predominant scarcity energy. If you keep focusing on lack, telling yourself in mind how you do not have enough, how you worked so hard and you have no clients, how you work so smart and deserve success but just will never been successful, you will get lack. You create lack because you consciously – or unconsciously – focus on scarcity….a blanket feeling of NOT ENOUGH, or RUNNING OUT OF MONEY, or MY CUSTOMERS HAVE DISAPPEARED or MY CUSTOMERS ONLY SHOW UP EVERY 3-4 MONTHS.

I capitalize the thoughts because each thought creates a pulsating, intense feeling, a quite horrible emotion of running out…of everything.


Notice focus on scarcity and feel really, genuinely terrible when you concentrate ofnscarcity. Purge scarcity and its insidious emotions. Then, versus going to eat a ham sandwich, freaking begin FOCUSING YOUR ATTENTION AND ENERGY on abundance, blessings, money, riches, success, goodness, and all that good stuff. No blogger succeeds until said bloggers routinely and genuinely focuses on abundance because money and customers and clients keep showing up if you notice riches-money-success-abundance in your life. Do you want paying customers? Freaking give 100% of your attention and energy to paying customers who already bought your eBooks, courses, audio books and paperbacks. Write guest posts for these folks. Promote these folks. Endorse these folks. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Help them. Talk to them. Feel grateful for their generous blessings, their kindness and their help.

Give 100% of your attention and energy to loyal, loving fans. Go to where you are loved, and, love expands in your life because where your focus and energy goes, grows. How can you focus on scarcity if you feel rich, abundant and free by focusing on sales you already earned and paying customers who already doled out love to you. No human can feel fear and love simultaneously because no human can feel polar ends of the emotional spectrum at the same time. I liken the idea to trying to focus on depression, anger, pain and fear the split second you bring your child home from the hospital, or, the moment you meet your infant niece, or the first time you bring your pet home from the shelter. Super love moment! You focus on love, abundance, riches and gratitude in these moments, so these energies expand in your life and no way can you focus on fear or pain emotions simultaneously.

Do the same with your blogging business. Stop focusing on scarcity. Focus on abundance, persistently, and your rich feelings align you with people, ideas, circumstances and actions leading to more paying clients begging to move into your experience.


Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

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